The Symbolic & Real Benefit of Mountains

Kelso Ridge to Torrey's Peak

Kelso Ridge to Torrey’s Peak, Clear Creek County, CO. –copyright Mike Woodson.

To live a consistent training life you do not need to train in the Himalayas, climb all the 14’ers of Colorado, scale the Seven Summits or even bag a moderate mountain peak.

I have felt high and isolated lying down on the flattest plain, staring into a misted blue field above. That’s because we are infinitely high within our Cosmos, with Earth itself light years high or low, depending on infinite perspectives.

A mountain is an incline in life, in which we see the next level of our growth. That growth is not for the sake of writing about it, or trumpeting it or drinking-to, but is to equip us to do something more here that will benefit our fellows.

Think of the humble rover that just recently landed on Mars, Curiosity. Curiosity sets its sights on Mount Sharp, a mountain on Mars that is higher than Mt. Whitney, California which is just shy of 15,000 feet.

No one is going to be holding a stopwatch watching and waiting for Curiosity to climb the Martian 15’er. That means most of us and Curiosity have something in common. Few people are watching our progress yet we forge on. We want to see what we can accomplish, discover, learn, how long we can go, and how beneficial we can be. I say, the inventors and engineers and scientists vested in Curiosity want this, but their research benefits us all.

Let’s see how our own training lives may help us climb mountains in our respective sport, art and work. How can we equip ourselves to do more and do better for others? When cameras stop watching, how can we see the mountains ahead with our hearts and love the work?

This simple calculus is the bridge to lifelong relationships of happiness and joy.

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