H.I.I.T. or High Intensity Interval Training


wearing a sun hat

Everyday is Shellac the Balding Guy Day on the trail…

Ran high intensity training intervals this morning, 20 seconds at the fastest clip sustainable, then a 10 second jog, then repeat, for 1.4 miles this morning. Ran the final mile at above average speed for me, but not in high intensity bursts.

I kicked my own rear this morning and fell short of the distance I thought I could sustain the H.I.I.T.

Advocates of H.I.I.T. point out findings that high intensity interval training gives equal cardiovascular benefit to longer distance training, to include oxygen uptake.

With only 30 minutes to run this A.M., the timing worked well. Will measure effects on the next few longer distance runs.

A humbling morning indeed.

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