An H2O Toast to Training Heat

Keep Flowing.

Some of us think of heat during training as something to endure, tolerate, and control. From a hydration perspective, body heat control is conscious, preventive self-health care. We must consciously get and drink water. It doesn’t just float into our mouths unless we’re baseball players or water fountain repair engineers routinely testing our work.

Sweating depends on our conscious decision to prepare with water drinking before training. We should not wait for dryness and thirst to trigger hydration. This need to control our body heat as it elevates from internal work and external conditions may itself contribute to weaker training life if we under-hydrate during sedentary work.

For many of us, proper hydration feels like too much work and distraction during work, so we don’t do it. However, we’ll drain coffee pots and energy drinks for a mental boost. These tend to increase urination more than merely drinking water all day would. The rush with sugar and a warmth of coffee must tip the psychological scale.

In a natural attempt to adapt to this, we may exercise less or less intensely to avoid heating up too much when we and our bodies know we’ve under-hydrated.

So next time we skip water we otherwise would have enjoyed, we should ask ourselves if we want to enjoy our training life more and get more from it. We should also make a friend of heat, for if we consciously look forward to it, we will also prepare for it just like we polish-up before a date with someone we want to please with our appearance. It’s just that we want heat to find an efficient metabolizing, thermostatic body to work through.

On the other hand, body heat is a life force that warms tissues, boosts our metabolism of calories and contributes to the circulation of internal fluid to skin cells and out of their pores as sweat. What a miraculous system.

And so I guess I’m just taking a little space to say I’m grateful for training heat.

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