Consistency in exercise for many of us is like the oasis in the quicksand marathon dream. That’s the dream where we run but do not move as our objective moves away from us. It seems that the only consistency is consistency denied.

Always remember: we are simply reviewing the past when we think this way. The stasis of past review supplies us with the impression that we are stuck. But the past is but a dream. Just row, row, row your boat. Move. Engage some simple exercise movements right now, something easily attainable and safe for you. I will too. Let’s do that together, today, now. Make the range of movement a feel-good range before expanding. Warm up and loosen up. Breathe. Before you know it, you’ve started again. You’re moving. You’ve taken off.

Here’s a tongue twister: consistency consists of beginning again, and again, and again, and again… At any given stuck point, it doesn’t matter how long it has been since you last trained. If there are no doctor’s orders or medical reasons to believe you should not, just start again. That start will bridge your past to the moment and put cornerstone on your future. Endeavor to bring these training movements closer together in the coming days.

Image Every sitting duck who takes off is no longer a sitting duck.

(Same goes for the Great Cormorant.)

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