Getting Back in: Slow-Fast

Rise to the occasion.

Yesterday, after a few days of feeling sick, I got a blood test to see if I’d recently had West Nile Virus. I’d had virus symptoms a few weeks ago on my road trip back from Texas where there had been an outbreak. Unusual for the summer. I was concerned maybe it hadn’t gone away and didn’t want to lose more training time, much less get into a strange phase.

Haven’t seen WNV results yet, but the rest of my blood stats are all within normal and / or athletic ranges. I”m grateful for that.

I’d pushed myself on a seven mile run on the 27th. I’d had eye surgery, and they’d given me antibiotics for that, which could’ve made my stomach queasy. It’s been on the hot side as August wanes. Perhaps I didn’t hydrate enough after my run on the 27th. Many factors there are.

Bottom line: I felt like running again last night and went at it conservatively, by feel. I ran 3.64 miles to get back into what had been a gaining routine of 4 to 6 miles three or four times a week. I took two miles very slowly, just getting the feel of light, efficient running. Opening the sails and putting paddles to the sea, I launched gently into a harbor run, then spent a third of the run in open water, running faster. LOL. Compared to the running animals resident here in Colorado, it was a legendary run solely in my own mind.

But in getting back after some time stranded in medical and road trip modes, who else’s mind really matters? Now we’re talking relevant mental states for YOU to return to the ocean, the field or whatever. Maiden voyages for ships out of the yard, new ships so to speak, are part test runs. How does she feel?

One whose immune systems have perhaps been working out while the external body we train so much is berthed must be able to experience these test runs.

And these test runs are as much part of your adaptive training success as any other training activity. With them we prevent injury, rebuild a base for higher performance, and we simply gain on our goals again. These transitions are better than gold when you arrive at your destination.

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