M7 Adapt & Marathon / Half-Marathon Training

My Denver Half Marathon Half Rainbow

Looking for a heart of gold…or at least one with a really good resting rate.

The M7 Adaptive training approach exists as a sustainable, consistency building training life from which self-trainers may more easily shift into specialized training for competitions and individual sport, art and work. M7 Adapt is about keeping an interesting, broad and deep training base.

In applying this principle more recently, I had begun training for the Denver Marathon’s Half-Marathon in July. Bear in mind, I’m not a naturally fast runner and running is not my primary sport. However, mileage is a key element in the M7 Adaptive approach, so adapting to running competition goals is not a foreign language.

As a test and demonstration of this I have entered the Denver marathon and plan to run the 1/2, having started only 4 months in advance. Running a marathon with only 4 months specialized training would be unwise at best. That is why I’m running the Half.

I will keep you updated soon on times, trends and experiences in moving from the sustainable M7 routine to a 13.1 mile race. Hope you find it useful to join me for this preparation period.

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