Fitness that adapts stays with you…

by staying with you...

M7 Principles at Work at the Top of a Volcano

Welcome M7Adapt, the blog for M7 Adaptive Fitness.

I’m Mike Woodson, the M7Adapt trainer, consultant and coach.

Clients of mine and those who use my Guidebook as a reference will see the principles and dimensions of the M7 Adaptive Fitness approach alive and at work in this journal. That’s one purpose for making it public.

The other is to encourage others along the way and to suggest others try journaling as part of their adaptive training approach. Is it essential? If it works for you, that is your call to make.

As in other areas of life journaling can be another facet in getting wisdom for better fitness. And who is to say that fitness is restricted to the body. There is overlap. It’s all good.

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